Oxygen absorbers are small packets used to remove oxygen from a sealed environment, such as a mylar bag. They are commonly used in food storage and preservation to extend the shelf life of food products. There are several reasons why you should buy oxygen absorbers in conjunction with mylar bags to store your food.

Prolongs Shelf Life

The primary reason to use oxygen absorbers for food storage is to extend the shelf life of food products. Oxygen is one of the biggest contributors to spoilage and food degradation. By removing the oxygen from the environment, food is preserved for a longer period. This can help you save money by reducing the amount of food that goes to waste, and it also ensures you have a supply of food in case of an emergency.

Prevents Spoilage

Oxygen absorbers help prevent food spoilage by eliminating the oxygen that bacteria and other microbes need to grow and multiply. This means food stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers is less likely to spoil or go bad, even over a long period.

Maintains Nutritional Value

Oxygen is also responsible for the oxidation of food, which can cause it to lose its nutritional value over time. By removing the oxygen, you can ensure the food remains fresh and retains its full nutritional value for a longer period.

Easy to Use

Oxygen absorbers are simple to use and do not require any special equipment or skills. Simply place the absorber packet in the mylar bag with the food, seal the bag, and you're done. The oxygen absorber will do its job, removing the oxygen and preserving the food. Whether you are a homesteader, prepper, or simply someone who wants to save money by reducing food waste, using oxygen absorbers with mylar bags is a smart choice.

Oxygen absorbers and mylar bags are readily available and can be easily purchased online or at your local store. So, if you are looking to store food for long periods, consider using oxygen absorbers with mylar bags to ensure your food stays fresh and nutritious.

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